Plush toys

Big baby stories of quasi protagonist! -- to bigger baby,

Model toys

Gran torino, also "classical car", refers to those ages ago,

Give children buy toys and alternative financing from the child's interest in their money business

Long hair, gorgeous dress, beautiful face and figure, beautiful barbie doll is almost all girls heart favorite. Your child favorite gift is what? The reporter understands, in * * years of art auction market, a valuation in 400 to 600 pounds in the XXXX barbie dolls - body elegant pink coat "midnight" pink ladies "to 5040 pounds clinch a deal valence become when time the third high price auction; At present in XX mall transformers has more than 10000 pieces, the first generation leader - the highest value of optimus prime.

Buy toys, choose the more secure than the mouth

Children buy toys, adults attention is usually brand and quality, but may ignore another problem: the size of the toy. Pediatric emergency department director of the institute of XXX in accepting the xx times reporter to interview said, give the child to buy toys, choose the more secure than the mouth. XXX said, children under the age of five the cognitive ability is bad, no matter what thing, to the hand, always likes to plug in the mouth to bite, if toys smaller, more smooth, easily mistaken swallow, obstruction of respiratory tract, serious when can be life-threatening. Some small toys sharp edges, such as, small rattles, whistle, accidentally fall from children esophagus, easy to scratch the esophagus; Surface coated with color paint building blocks, color crayon, pencil, etc., should be into his mouth lick, bite, can be harmful chemical substances to eat into the body.

How to choose the baby toys?

Baby toys of choose and buy when you spend injustice? In fact, only according to different age characteristics to choose toys, your work will be the child's resonance.

3-6 months, long teeth gums when soft itchy, need to ease discomfort, and at the same time, children like to use mouth to explore objects, so grasp the in hand can bite of plastic toys, children's favorite; Nipple can also provide comfort; Can turn, hammer, panting toys, suitable for children learning hand-eye coordination.


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